How Cloud Video Can Overcome Traditional VMS Challenges

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There are several challenges that come with traditional video surveillance management. A newer technology to the market, cloud video services from IPS and our product partner, Eagle Eye Networks, can alleviate those hardships. Check out the table below to see if any of these scenarios sound familiar and how the benefits of cloud services might be right for you.

Traditional VMS Challenges
Eagle Eye Cloud Video Solutions
No or limited remote access/system managementGet instant access to all your cameras on your desktop, tablet, or phone.
Scaling limitationsYour system can grow as your business does. Start out in one location and expand to multiple offices? Not a problem. Easily add cameras across multiple buildings-even in different cities and states.
Lack of video backup & redundancyRedundant and backed-up info across 11 datacenter locations all over the globe.
IT overhead for maintenance, upgrades, repairs, and system healthNo need to purchase, install, and maintain a rack of gear for video surveillance. No IT involvement required for updates.
Outdated technology and future compatibilityUpdates are automatic and included without extra fees. Eagle Eye Networks is camera agnostic, so you can bring your own cameras and make changes as your needs grow, without having to change your VMS platform.
Questionable cybersecurityCloud video is cyber secure! Cameras are blocked from communicating with the internet via outbound ports only.
EEN Camera Cyber Security Lockdown

Cloud video is relatively new to the industry. It is a different type of technology, and we understand that can make customers wary of moving forward. But just because it is different doesn’t mean it has to be scary! Contact us to set up a demo and see for yourself how the benefits of cloud video can help your business today and for years to come.

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