Weapons Detection

Smarter. Faster. Better

IPS has partnered with  Evolv to bring the Evolv Express Weapons Detection screening system to our customers. This state-of-the-art system scans entrants into your facility in real-time, allowing guests to enter at a natural walking pace. 

The Power of AI

The Evolv Express lane system combines powerful sensor technology with proven artificial intelligence and comprehensive venue analytics to ensure safe, more accurate threat detection than traditional screening procedures that rely on metal detectors, hand wands, and manual bag checks. The Express lane system easily identifies and distinguishes between harmless personal items and true threats like guns or knives. 

Improved Guest Experience

Evolv Express allows those entering your venue to walk in with a natural flow. The system can scan multiple people in one lane at the same time, ensuring quick and efficient entry. No more angry venue-goers missing the first part of an event or employees late to a shift due to long security lines.  

Integrate Seamlessly with Other Security Technology

Evolv Express can easily integrate with other security technology, such as your video management system or mass notification system. This bolsters you security presence, giving peace of mind to both your employees and visitors. 

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