Mass Notification Systems

There is an emphasis on emergency signaling in today’s world. Mass Notification Systems (MNS) provide real-time information to all occupants of a building inside, or anyone in the immediate vicinity outside, about an emergency situation.

Our main mass notification line at IPS is the EST platform from Edwards Fire Safety

Emergency Voice and Live Voice Instruction

When emergency voice communication is used on a fire alarm system, and only fire alarm related messages or instructions are used, it is an Emergency Voice Alarm Communication System (EVACS). If a system has non-fire emergency instructions such as weather, chemical spill, or medical emergency, then it serves as a Mass Notification System (MNS).

Combination Systems

If a system contains both EVACS and MNS messages, it is a combination system.

System Integrity

Starting with the 2010 Edition, there was a significant change to NFPA 72. The National Fire Alarm Code became The National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code. Mass Notification Systems (MNS) were included and became part of the code. This will ensure system integrity and supervision, similar to fire alarm systems. This makes it a natural evolution to integrate mass notification into or using fire alarm systems, particularly voice instruction.

Emergency Signaling in the Workplace

OSHA 1910.165: Employee Alarm Systems, stipulates that employers provide an emergency warning system so that employees can safely escape danger in the workplace.

IPS has a professional design staff that can incorporate the following features into your Mass Notification System, Emergency Voice Alarm Communication System, or combination system:

  • Autonomous Control Unit (ACU)
  • Local Operating Console (LOC)
  • Notification appliance network (speakers, strobes, text signage, giant voice speaker arrays)
  • Interfaces to other alerting systems and sources
Edwards’ EST3 platform can become a combination fire alarm and mass notification system. It is UL listed for both UL 864 (Fire Alarm Control and Accessories) and UL 2572 (Mass Notification Systems).

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