Hosted Access Control

Smarter. Faster. Better

What makes hosted access control powered by IPS
and Brivo the better security solution?

  • Cloud access control allows for complete system management from anywhere in the world.
  • When key cards are lost or stolen, cloud-based solutions make it possible to revoke access immediately.
  • Employees can even open doors with their phones, eliminating the risk of lost/stolen keys & keycards.
  • There are no servers to maintain and software is updated automatically to protect against cyber threats.
  • Collect real-time data about traffic in and out of the building.
  • Unlimited scalability: doors, buildings, & users can be added anytime.
  • The ability to open & secure doors remotely eliminates the need for additional on-site gatekeeping staff.
  • API integrations are available for software applications such as HR, visitor, and membership tools.
  • Video surveillance integrated with cloud access control provides an additional layer of security.