Hosted Video Surveillance

Smarter. Faster. Better

What makes hosted video surveillance powered by IPS and Eagle Eye Networks the better security solution?

  • Flexibility: seamlessly integrate with over 10,000 camera and security technology product partners.
  • Scalability: easily add cameras without the worry of running out of storage.
  • Adjustability: choose your storage duration camera by camera and save important clips to the cloud.
  • Mobility: view live or recorded video on-the-go, and remotely manage cameras and permissions.
  • Cybersecurity: secure video encryption, 2FA, and no vulnerable open ports or onsite firewalls. Automatic software updates with triple redundant storage at purpose-built data centers.
  • Open Platform: integrate with other mission-critical business applications, such as health monitoring, point-of-sale, and gun detection. Pair with IPS Hosted Access Control at no additional cost.
  • Powerful Analytics: things like Smart Video Search and License Plate Recognition (LPR), at no additional cost, make finding evidence a breeze.