Commercial Security Systems

Ensure peace of mind with these 24/7 “security enforcers” – they never get tired, they never get distracted, and they never take a vacation, protecting your site and deterring illegal and undesirable behavior around the clock.

Our main intrusion system product lines include Bosch and DMP (Digital Monitoring Products).

The Latest Technology

Many systems can use both wireless and hardwired field devices, making the installation of things like window contacts, door contacts, and panic buttons a breeze no matter the environment. Mobile apps put the power of a system right at your fingertips.

Growth Opportunities

Many of the available intrusion systems can support additional devices such as glass breaks, waterbugs and more. And as your operations expand, so can your intrusion efforts. Whether you are increasing the size of your facility or just want to add additional security features, an intrusion system from IPS is up to the task.

Our Intrusion Detection/Alarm Systems allow you to:

  • Detect intruders
  • Enhance security for identified assets
  • Alert the proper authorities in the event of an intrusion
  • Deter external and internal theft, robberies and break-ins
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Provide peace of mind for customers and employees
  • Reduce emergency response times through easily accessible panic buttons
  • Document actual events
  • Verify alarms using remote video monitoring

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