Fire Alarm Systems

IPS was born out of an electrical contractor’s need for top-notch solutions from a fire safety company. Over the past 20+ years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to bringing our customers peace of mind by combining quality products and superior customer service. Let us install a fire alarm system that will alert you and the authorities to an emergency, keeping your people and property as safe as possible during a fire event.  

Our main fire alarm line at IPS is the EST platform from Edwards Fire Safety. We also design systems from Bosch, DMP (Digital Monitoring Products), and Potter. Our service department has the expertise to work on nearly any type of fire system.

Quality-Focused Professional Team

As our engineering staff works on products and services in-house, you know our focus is solely on getting you the proper protection. Along with advanced technology, our engineers and design team can provide you with permit-ready drawings and submittals. From installation onward our licensed and factory-certified technicians can provide you with exceptional service, being both highly experienced and exceptionally knowledgeable in the industry. Fire alarm systems produced by IPS are completely turnkey and can be customized to your budget or to exactly what you need. We can incorporate the following into all of our fire alarm systems:
  • Addressable and conventional control panels
  • Combination panels of fire alarm, intrusion detection and access control
  • Emergency voice and voice evacuation
  • Two-way emergency communication system (such as a firefighter’s telephone)
  • Mass Notification Systems (MNS)
  • Smoke detection and early warning smoke detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Flame detection
  • Manual stations
  • Elevator recall control and supervisory systems
  • Sprinkler water flow and supervisory systems
  • Sprinkler pre-action control systems

Addressable Technology

Technology is constantly changing and that’s an advantage because it allows us to update and better our fire alarm systems. Technology also varies depending on what system you are in need of. For larger systems, having addressable technology is a good way to lower costs. This can be done through simplified wiring and installation time. Smaller systems though, can call for expansion at a later date, which can be done and remain flexible with the right addressable technology.

System Growth and Survivability

It is important to us that you have the right protection for your setting. All of the fire alarm systems we design and engineer have the capacity to be modified in the future. Whether you want to expand from a smaller system to a larger one or want to add more notification settings, a fire alarm system from IPS can do so. Also, our systems can survive the toughest of events! If a fire is to happen in your home, and damages part of the system, it can still work. The system will still function and can help you evacuate to safety.

Being prepared if a fire were ever to happen is the first step to protecting where you live, where you work and where you play. Opting for a fire alarm system engineered and designed by Integrated Protection Services means you’ll receive a system that not only function correctly and dependably, but is also easy to maintain and has components that are easy to replace. Contact us today for more information about getting our fire alarm systems set up where you live, work or play.

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