About IPS

At IPS, we help building owners and operators by designing, installing, and maintaining a variety of solutions for Access Control, Video Surveillance, Security,  Fire Alarm, Fire Suppression/Special Hazards, ERCES, Gunshot & Weapons Detection, and Intercom/Commercial Sound. We strive to provide safe and secure environments so you can focus on what is important to you.

IPS began business in 1999. We have offices in Cincinnati, OH and Columbus, OH as well as Lexington, KY. We also have a National Accounts division that handles projects all over the country.

Our ownership and management are located locally, so policies and decisions about how we conduct our business are made here. This allows for the best in customer service because there are no burdensome big corporate policies or procedures inhibiting us from taking care of our customer’s needs in a timely and proper manner.


Currently the mission of IPS is to be dedicated to creating peace of mind wherever you live, work, and play through customized, innovative life safety and security solutions. 


 At IPS, our purpose is to provide safe and secure environments so that you can focus on what is important to you.


  • Integrity: It is never wrong to do the right thing.
  • TeamworkWe can achieve greater goals as a whole than as individuals.
  • ServiceConsistently do whatever it takes to exceed expectations.
  • KnowledgeChallenge yourself with lifelong learning.
  • BalanceWork hard, play hard.