Access Control as a Service (ACaaS)

Smarter. Faster. Better

Cloud-Hosted + Budget-Friendly + Extended Warranty = Your all-in-one solution to a state-of-the-art Access Control system!

Hosted Access Control

Hosted in the cloud, there is no local hardware or software to maintain, reducing the burden on your IT staff. IPS will routinely modernize the system and add features automatically, all without having to constantly upgrade your hardware to handle the computing load. Cyber security is improved as the software is regularly updated with the latest patches.

Lower Upfront Investment

By reducing the equipment required onsite, ACaaS enables your business to install a state-of-the-art access control system at a fraction of the initial investment. Use your capital for your business and your customers instead of your infrastructure.

Service Agreement with Extended Warranty

Your access control system is protected by a parts and labor extended warranty. If the system breaks, IPS fixes it, either remotely or with a site visit. Hassle-free service allows you to get back to business quickly.