Where You Work

Offices, stores, restaurants and everything in between – workplaces are busy day in and day out. But ensuring that where you work is protected shouldn’t be a daily thought for you. Let Integrated Protection Services take care of securing your workplace. We have the solutions and products for any type of work environment to ensure workers’ and customers’ safety.

With service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring where you work is protected is our business. That’s why we offer protection services and products as a safeguard for you. But we also make sure your office is secure during every part of the day. Where you work needs the highest quality services and products, which is where we come in.

The services and products we offer for your workplace require hardworking people who are knowledgeable in electronic systems during the whole process – design, furnishing and servicing different forms of safety systems. Our employees and technicians are exceedingly qualified and fully trained in all of the equipment we have and the services we offer. Our employees provide you with engineering solutions, maintenance, central station monitoring and test and inspections. All of these services are a part of the IPS daily routine.

On top of the services our employees provide, we also can provide your workplace with a wide range of excellent products to keep where you work safe in multiple different ways. The products we design, furnish and service include fire alarm systems, mass notification systems, special hazard & fire suppression systems and nurse call/intercom/commercial sound systems. Our business is making where you work a safe place, and that starts with these products.

Wherever you may work, whether it is a typical office building or the unconventional skate park, we have the security needs you are looking for. An already established business or even a growing one can benefit from our services. The Integrated Protection Services mission is to offer you quality products along with safety services because we want to provide you with the best solutions around.