Where You Play

Amusement parks, museums and movie theaters alike all require protection. These places and others see countless people every day, and security solutions are important to patrons and guests, as well as the amusement providers. That’s why Integrated Protection Services is here. As an independent electronics systems integrator and solution provider, we have all of the services and products needed to assure you’re safe where you play.

At IPS, we have service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Making where you play safe and secure is our business, which is why we only offer the best solutions. We also don’t just make sure places are protected while you’re out and about, we have products and services to ensure where you play is protected even after you have visited.

What makes us different than other protection services? Besides being a local company and having support constantly available, we have employees who are licensed and fully trained in their respective lines of work. Our employees are trained on all of the equipment we present and in the other services we offer. If you’re looking for someone who can provide you with engineering solutions, maintenance, central station monitoring or even tests and inspections, there is a person at Integrated Protection Services who can do it. Wherever the place you play may be, we can create a solution for your need.

As well as relying on knowledgeable and fully trained employees, the products we design, furnish and service at IPS make us stand out from other protection services when it comes to securing where you play. Whether you need just one of our services or a collection of products, we have a resolution for your security needs. The products we offer at IPS include fire alarm systems, mass notification systems, special hazard & fire suppression systems and nurse call/intercom/commercial sound systems.

When you’re out and about enjoying the day, security never takes a break – we know this, which is why we’re here. Our mission at Integrated Protection Services is to offer you quality products along with top-notch safety services. Regardless of where you play, you should only have to concentrate on enjoying yourself; let us worry about safety.