Special Hazard & Fire Suppression

If your facility has an area that needs to be protected from fire but can’t get wet, we offer advanced waterless solutions. Chemical agents can provide safe fire extinguishing capabilities for rooms that contain expensive electronic equipment, artwork, rare books or other critical assets that would be ruined by water. Our fire protection systems are effective and easy to use… and safe for people, key assets, facilities and the environment.

Peace-of-Mind System Reliability

We can provide the testing and inspection services required by law to keep your system working and code compliant for any special hazard suppression system.

Outdated Halon System Replacement Capabilities

We have agents that can directly replace Halon with minimal system modifications.

Green Solutions

We offer LEED certified products and earth-friendly options that include zero ozone depletion, Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and the lowest Global Warming Potential (GWP).

System Integration

To simplify operation, control panels can interface with and control building / data center equipment.

Comprehensive Services

Get everything you need with one call. Our single-source capabilities include in-house engineering and design; certified, licensed and experienced technicians; customized turnkey solutions; installation; and test, inspection and service.

Suppression Agents and Clean Agents to Meet Nearly Every Application:

  • CO2
  • FE-25
  • FM-200
  • Foam Fire Suppression
  • Industrial Dry Chemical
  • Inert Gas
  • NOVEC 1230
  • Water Mist

Customized Turnkey Systems Can Include These Detection and Controls:

  • Addressable and conventional control panels
  • Smoke detection and early warning smoke detection
  • Heat detection including linear heat detection
  • Flame detection
  • Manual stations, abort stations
  • Key-switch service disconnects
  • Damper control
  • Equipment shutdown
Our special hazard and suppression partners include Fike, SAFE Fire Protection, SEVO Systems, and VESDA by Xtralis.