Nurse Call / Intercom / Commercial Sound

Deliver timely communications and highly responsive care with comprehensive systems designed first and foremost for top quality and unsurpassed dependability.

Easy to Use

Our systems feature simple, intuitive operation for both the caller and your staff.

Targeted or Broadcast Communications

You can select options that provide the ability to communicate anywhere within your facility, as well as pinpoint specific messaging in targeted zones.

Flexible and Expandable

Your system will be designed so that it can grow and be modified with your changing needs. Everything we install is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed and engineered for a long life of continuous operation.

With Nurse Call/Intercom/Sound Systems, you can:

  • Integrate facility communication resources with existing telephone systems
  • Initiate emergency signal and paging
  • Provide complete paging and audio communications to all areas of a facility
  • Inform employees of emergency or critical situations
Our nurse call/intercom/commercial sound partners include Aiphone, Talkaphone, TOA, and TekTone.